Are you looking for a way to achieve what you want to achieve, kindly?

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Starting with the "7 Keys of Kindness Taster", the 7 Keys of Kindness online courses will guide your journey of self reflection to
* learn how to let go your struggle,
* explore how to set yourself free, and 
* discover how to achieve what you want to achieve, kindly. 

Your 7 Keys of Kindness journey

In a world where you can choose anything,
choose to set yourself free on your 7 Keys of Kindness journey
to achieve what you want to achieve, kindly.
Take your FREE "7 Keys of Kindness Taster" with Wendy, our Kindness Queen, and Sally, our Taster Co-Creator, today.

Carla Van Raay

Kindness to myself was a foreign idea to me for the longest time, having been brought up in a strict Catholic family, endured abuse of different kinds and chose to live the life first of a nun in an order with strict rules, then as a prostitute. These kinds of decisions are not based on kindness to self. I managed more kindness to my clients as a sex worker than to myself! The reverberations of the Kindness and Resilience Course have stayed with me to gradually build more kindness in my life.

I would say that here, in the 7 Keys of Kindness, is the potential to transform a humdrum personal life or a stagnant organisation into fresh and joyful living.  

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Iain Massey

Our conversation was very helpful to me.  You helped me see that what I needed was to find a path that addressed real concerns about our ...'s performance, while honouring compassion, kindness, and my personal values.  After our talk, I knew roughly what I was searching for.  I spent quite some time in more searching, and frankly feeling a bit lost, but the answer(s) came.  I was guided in no small part by the commitment to kindness that your group reinforced for me.  I was content to sit with the lost feeling for a while, trusting.


Positive honest approach to self awareness and supportive developmental coaching.


I like the practical application of Appreciative Inquiry and its alignment with other leadership concepts.


The space that was created was a great gift.


A new positive way of thinking.


A thought-provoking start to a longer journey.