Learn, Explore and Discover How to Achieve What You Want to Achieve, Kindly,
on Your 7 Keys of Kindness Journey

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Crafted from the 4 Aha's of Kindness to Live by,
the 7 Keys of Kindness series of online courses will guide you, as you:

* learn how to let go your struggle,
* explore how to set yourself free,
* discover how to achieve what you want to achieve, kindly...

When we no longer know what to do,
we have come to our real work,
and when we no longer know which way to go,
we have begun our real journey.

Wendell Berry

Starting where you feel at a loss, the 7 Keys of Kindness are the beating heart of your journey with us:

The 1st Key of Kindness.
Inquiring from a place of not knowing.

The 2nd Key of Kindness.
Knowing your core values.

The 3rd Key of Kindness.
Knowing your core purpose.

The 4th Key of Kindness.
Understanding and appreciating difference.

The 5th Key of Kindness.
Co-creating your shared values.

The 6th Key of Kindness.
Co-creating your shared purpose.

The 7th Key of Kindness.
Making friends with your time.

When you reach the end of your 7 Keys of Kindness journey, you will have:

* learned how to unlock your own strength.
* explored how to release the kindness of your real resilience.
* discovered how to grow strong and achieve what you want to achieve, kindly. 


In a world where you can choose anything,
choose to set yourself free on your 7 Keys of Kindness journey
to achieve what you want to achieve, kindly.
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Take your FREE "7 Keys of Kindness Taster" with Wendy, our Kindness Queen, today.

Carla Van Raay

Kindness to myself was a foreign idea to me for the longest time, having been brought up in a strict Catholic family, endured abuse of different kinds and chose to live the life first of a nun in an order with strict rules, then as a prostitute. These kinds of decisions are not based on kindness to self. I managed more kindness to my clients as a sex worker than to myself! The reverberations of the Kindness and Resilience Course have stayed with me to gradually build more kindness in my life.

I would say that here, in the 7 Keys of Kindness, is the potential to transform a humdrum personal life or a stagnant organisation into fresh and joyful living.  

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Iain Massey

Our conversation was very helpful to me.  You helped me see that what I needed was to find a path that addressed real concerns about our ...'s performance, while honouring compassion, kindness, and my personal values.  After our talk, I knew roughly what I was searching for.  I spent quite some time in more searching, and frankly feeling a bit lost, but the answer(s) came.  I was guided in no small part by the commitment to kindness that your group reinforced for me.  I was content to sit with the lost feeling for a while, trusting.


Positive honest approach to self awareness and supportive developmental coaching.


I like the practical application of Appreciative Inquiry and its alignment with other leadership concepts.


The space that was created was a great gift.


A new positive way of thinking.


A thought-provoking start to a longer journey.