Hello, I'm Wendy Campbell,
The Glastonbury Company's Kindness Queen.


Once upon a time, I didn't believe that I could let go.

Setting myself free wasn't an option.

Unlocking my own wisdom, what right did I have, really?

And doing this kindly, no way.

So I struggled.

And struggled.


...until I climbed a snow covered mountain, and a blizzard almost claimed my life, and death beckoned, and I simply wouldn't let it take me. 

But still...

Until I caught a terrible virus from a mosquito's bite, and my life almost stopped, and I simply wouldn't let go.
But still...

Until my heart was failing, and I had to choose surgery and life, or not, and I simply said

To my joy, and to the joy of my loved ones, friends and mentors, I'd finally let go my struggle. The 7 Keys of Kindness had held me safe to learn, explore my own wisdom, kindly, every step of the way. Even when I couldn't believe in it.

And when I do slip back into not believing, I simply pick myself up and keep trying. This is the essence of my story: 
"On Aspiring: Journey Beyond Courage".


Today, I'm called a force of nature.
Today I've let go.
Today I've set myself free. 
Today I've unlocked my own wisdom, kindly. Including as The Glastonbury Company's Kindness Queen, 
a story which continues to this day:

The Glastonbury Company.

And best of all, I'm kind to myself.

I'm in awe of people who've asked me to walk alongside them as they let go, set themselves free, and unlock their own wisdom. Only then can they make the tough choices that their lives ask of them, kindly. Read some of their thanks below.

I've walked the path that you want to walk. Would you like me to walk alongside you for a while as you let go and set yourself free on your 7 Keys of Kindness journey to unlock your own wisdom, kindly?


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On Dusky Dolphin, Wendy is a 'skip.'
Sailing the blue, with sails of pure white -
Pushed long by the wind - a wonderful sight!
But of all Wendy's achievements, the one I must praise,
No matter how Wendy is feeling herself,
She always makes others feel good.

Ann and her husband Keith, on their yacht 'Ketchup II", sailed many voyages with Wendy and her husband Rob on their yacht "Dusky Dolphin." They helped each other when the sailing was rough going, in ways where each of them shone. 


I was on a panel last night, talking about coaching in organisations. We were discussing ICF, and it took me back to the days when you and I did that coaching work together as I stepped into the President role. That was a really developmental time for me, and you were a wise guide. Having you as my coach during that transition period of ICFA leadership has been crucial to my development as a leader. With you as my sounding board, I have explored and developed my own leadership style and built my confidence. So, thank you once again for your role in shaping me!

Thank you for seeing my potential, for challenging me to step up and for supporting me as I did so all of those years ago. My life trajectory took a very positive turn as you helped me climb out of a pit of self-doubt and claim my voice as a leader. You are wonderful :-)

Digby was relatively young to be stepping up to lead a professional organisation. He went on to lead his team to achieve great goals, developing and maintaining a leadership style built from his values. As well, he developed his successful business in the same way.


Wendy, I can’t thank you enough for all your coaching; it’s proving itself over and over again. Thanks again for so much direction.

Loris went on to tackle a national emergency situation for her company which included the sad loss of lives, and achieved a strategically successful and amicable outcome for all concerned which exceeded all expectations.


Thank you so much for your time yesterday. I always really enjoy speaking with you and you really help clarify my thinking and give me some great ideas.

Jarrad was running several ambitious projects, and went on to streamline his work load in order to maximise his effectiveness.


I am looking forward to catching up at our next session where you have been generously providing your valuable wisdom :)  I just hope many others get to enjoy it as much as I do!

Jorgen was looking for a job that would allow him to support communities to become stronger and more resilient. He did find that job, and was superb in the role.


You have been over the past year and still are so kind and supportive of me and I do appreciate that. You always have wonderful insights into the character of members and how they fit into the club, but you also have such lovely gentle compassion and in that area you have taught me so much. In the past, and while I was President you were so supportive and I thank you for being so.
Graham came into his Rotary club presidency with big goals. He went on to achieve them all, always maintaining his kind and considerate leadership style.


I have really enjoyed our sessions, thank you very much for your guidance.

Judy went on to tackle the enormous changes in her life with the ease and panache that she had been seeking.


Thank you Wendy; this gives me some very workable steps for my journey. I very much appreciated our session. It was amazing; I found it original, refreshing, positive, ‘be-able’ (and ‘do-able’!!) and inspiring.

Roselyn went on to sort out the challenges in her life with the grace that she had been looking for.


You have been a kind and appreciated supporter to me and I really value your input always.
During his coaching, Mark developed a leadership style based on his own values. He went on to lead his new association to the success that he always envisioned.


Thanks for your gentle, awesome coaching.

Dawn went on to unite and work with her family, achieving her challenging goal of self-determined leadership and dramatically increased standards of health for her people. This was a goal that she had long held dear. 


I often think of our early conversations we had back in the days of the ... club. Your vision gave me clarity that I am forever grateful for. Thank you. You are a catalyst for opening up the channels that unlocks the potential that lies within.

Michael went on to work out major changes to his life to make it meaningful, discovering his strength as he did so.


Always, as well as giving me your time when you had so much else to do, when we met you always had at least one thing - perhaps just one word - that would pick me up. Then I would know what to do to sort out what had got me down.

Maria, an accomplished woman in her career, and a sole parent and sole bread winner to her daughter, had plenty of challenges. But she always found a way through with her special grace.

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