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Scars: How our wounds make us who we are

courage forgiveness growing strong kindness kindness to self making choices resilience time - my friend Mar 27, 2024
Today I'm resting again. I've had to rest so many times over the past 4 months since the injury which could have killed me, so surviving this long healing is Ok. Of course it's taking a long time to heal. It was a serious injury. It caused a lot of damage. I have to admit to sometimes being annoyed about the accident that caused the damage. It could have been avoided by someone behaving more respectfully towards me, and has been troublesome and painful for me ever since. But I did survive it.
Today however, I've made myself look again at the moment of injury. The person who inadvertently caused the damage didn't mean to do that. Because I didn't see it coming I didn't take avoiding action. It simply happened. No one planned it. Perhaps it's better to focus on my response to the moment, not on the injury. Today, I decided to focus on doing what I can to help my body to heal well, so that I can return to all the things I had been able to do before that moment. So, after another visit to my physiotherapist today to ease the latest painful area, now I'm resting. 
In the resting there is time today to watch a story that I've been saving for a while, not giving myself "time" to watch and learn from it until now. Here it is: 
What I learned from listening to these people's stories of how their wounds made them who they are, is that my injury and its long aftermath is an opportunity for me to nurture more kindness to myself. I can simply accept that it happened. It wasn't anyone's fault. It wasn't planned. It simply happened. Like the people in the video story, my body won't be the same as it was before the injury. Now, I know more about my body's capabilities because I have to work to repair them. In doing so I feel stronger. I'm not allowing the moment it happened to nurture any further bitterness. I've decided to use the moment and its aftermath to get through such an experience kindly, to all concerned, including to myself.
These past months have helped me realise that there’s a positive way to respond to life’s challenges: to respond based on what I stand for. To move on from the injury, I've re-clarified the kindness that I stand for. One of the many silver linings of this experience is that the 7 Keys of Kindness are even clearer to me than they were before. If I want this kindness to happen, I have to act it out first. This is the gift that the injury has given me -- the opportunity to practice once again what I want to happen in our human world. 
I feel as if the injury's damage has left me now, as I choose to allow this scar to make me stronger.
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