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On Being Human

being human courage growing strong hope kindness love Jun 09, 2012

“The Book Thief” – surviving the holocaust

I’ve just finished reading this book. It’s a long tale of a young girl in her early teens, living near Berlin during the second world war. It’s a tale of growing strong despite the losses around her. It’s a tale of being true to what is kind, and what is loving. Above all, as I closed the book after reading the last page, it’s a tale of the amazing courage that humans have, seen through the eyes of a most unusual narrator. I won't spoilt it for you by telling you more about him. 

Despite horror that surrounds the history of the holocaust, I found this story very uplifting and full of hope. I was grateful to the author for taking the time to create this story, especially for the kindness and hope that he gifts to effects of the holocaust horrors on being human. 


[Photo by Ed Robertson on Unsplash.]

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