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Social Responsibility in Action!

beyond war co-creation kindness making a difference responsibility values Oct 27, 2006

There is a real organisation, a global organisation, let’s call it SR, which operates entirely outside the “normal” monetary world. It was set up by volunteers because they saw a need for what it delivers. They don’t get paid, they will never get paid any money – no money is involved in any of SR’s transactions. And yet they watch over the way that SR works. They watch closely and carefully that the way it was set up to operate, the purpose and values that are held dear, are upheld with almost religious fervour.


Because every day SR brings people together who have never met before in a mutually beneficial way. Because the managers are so watchful that each person “does the right thing” with each other and with their environment, people feel safe to share snippets of their stories as they do business with each other; people feel valued for the purpose and values they bring; people feel safe to take part in the ongoing creation of SR. So the managers get a great deal of satisfaction over making such a difference to these people’s lives. And that is profoundly socially and environmentally sustainable.

All stakeholders are valued, and engaged in SR’s future. They all care about SR’s future.

SR is a highly socially and financially profitable venture. Everybody involved makes it so. At all levels, it embodies kindness to all.

This IS Social Responsibility in action!


Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash.

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