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As We Can, We Help Others

caring courage inspiration kindness making a difference purpose Oct 16, 2006

During a speech from Jillian Broadbent, then-director of BT Australia, she outlined her inspiring approach to work and life.

She urged us to:

  • Enjoy work – be inspired by and about it;
  • Inspire positive change;
  • Empower our own and others’ spirits;
  • Embrace companionship but don’t be over dependent;
  • Have a bit of courage;
  • Have a sense of purpose – enjoy momentum as the key to success;
  • Learn the art of recovery – practice resilience;
  • Accept help and messages from others.

The most powerful lesson I learned from Jillian was the way that she lived in complete harmony with her words, making it easy to see how each of our lives could be if we practiced what she preached AND lived as she does!

And the most powerful words I learned were "As we can, we help others."


Photo credit: Fairfax Media via Getty Images/Fairfax Media.

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