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Full Moon: Full Potential

being my best self making a difference purpose Dec 08, 2017

I love watching the full moon rise. When I let myself be still with this scene, there is a sense of my full potential emerging in the energy of this emerging orb.

The colour is…indescribable. Like pale gold perhaps. Or like glistening honey. Maybe like champagne diamond… But no description I can think of does proper credit to this spectacle which I await every month.

I’ve seen the moon rise against the darkest night and the loveliest sunset. It’s never a tiresome moment.

The full supermoon at the start of this week was full of potential, fuller than usual. Facing up to my second cataract surgery to return clear sight to my eye, I wondered if this clear sight would be matched with clear sight of my potential. Although we had cloudy weather during the full moon rise so could not see it, I was present for it all the same.

Now, as my surgery heals in the wake of this supermoon, I have a clearer sense of who I can be at the fullest potential of my purpose. As with the moonrise, I simply have to let myself be still with my ability to make a difference and let it emerge. Just step into my space with both feet. It’s that simple.

Who would have thought!

Enjoy this video of the rising supermoon a few days ago here.


[Photo of the full moon was taken by Mark Gee.]

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