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Your "Higher Thoughts"

being my best self caring joy kindness life lessons Apr 07, 2014

With Easter approaching, I found these thoughts relevant: click here to read the article.

Reading beyond the title of this article, with a twist of synchronicity the writer echoes what I’ve been wondering for some years now – the external "God" may not seem to be what we seek, rather our internal need to be better than we are and serve others is where "God" really lives.

A friend gave me a thoughtful gift last Christmas: the book “The Kingdom Within.” In essence it is a reflection on the bible and what it teaches us about the “higher thoughts” that we carry within us. So we don’t have to go to church to find our higher selves. We just have to look within.

For the coming Easter I invite you to look within yourselves and enjoy the joyful, caring, kind person who lives inside you, every day of your life:-)


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