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Leading and Making Choices from a Deep Place

being my best self inspiration leadership making choices Feb 25, 2018

After watching the episode of “The Crown” where the queen has to stand up to her uncle about his relationship with Hitler during and after the 2nd world war, and tell him he could not return to Britain, ever, I reflected that there is merit in making choices from a deep place.

Throughout this episode, the queen drew on her best self, seeking to be the best christian that she could be. From this space she was able to find her way through the terrible mix of people and events, to make the best choice that she could for the best outcome for all concerned, apart from for her uncle who had made such poor decisions during his rein. Even she couldn’t save him from the consequences of those decisions.

Her deeply thought decision-making, entirely focussed on the wider picture, was breath-taking and inspiring. At that point her leadership became real for me. I could relate to it when having to make massive choices in my own life. Those times when I feel physically torn apart by the choices to be made, yet have to step way beyond my own responses to consider the wider picture and the consequences of my choices there.

It’s only when I make choices from here that I consider myself the best leader that I can be.


[Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash]

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