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Living through Big Change

acceptance adaptable courage kindness making choices responsibility speaking up Feb 06, 2012

“Towards a Shared Bright Future”

Nick Cohen said in the “Australian Financial Review” recently:

“We are living through the collapse of old orthodoxies and the bankrupting of old hierarchies. It will pass, as all crises pass, but a better future will only come when we accept that people have a right – indeed a duty – to speak out against all the collective blocs of faith, ethnic identity, corporate hierarchy and state that have betrayed us so thoroughly.”

His words have sat with me ever since I first read them, a powerful and profound call to choose the courage to speak up for what is good and kind in our world. And to wear the consequences with kindness. 

More than that, his words give me goosebumps because they encapsulate the deep drive that is bringing the long-awaited Resilient Leadership Community into being!


[Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash.]

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