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MASH and the Art of Kindness

beyond war caring kindness Sep 23, 2006

Last night my husband Rob and I watched the first 2 episodes of “MASH”. As well as nostalgically reminding us of 1969 when we first met, it really came home to me how Hawkeye and Trapper fiercely protect what they hold dear – kindness to others, especially those who are not able to stand up for themselves. They fiercely protect this for the entire army camp, despite appearing to play the fool. 

Does this make them kinder than Frank and Major Houlihan with their focus on doing things by the book - their book?

Yes, I think so, now looking at them with my older eyes. When we first saw this series I could not make any sense of the plot at all. Now it as clear as crystal that the exploration of true kindness is the key here.

Fancy a pair of larrikins like Hawkeye and Trapper being kind at heart. And to make this their mantra in a war zone.


Photo from Wikipedia.

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