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On Remembrance Day

beyond war hope Nov 12, 2018

From a bench next to a playground, I am listening to a group of children playing in the fort. They’ve only just met each other, yet are clambering about in constant discussion, changing the rules as if they know each other well; who’s winning; who’s losing; who is above the rules (in this case The Doctor apparently, who can unfreeze people or perhaps herself, I’m not sure which); who has to obey.

I reflect on my earlier reading about Remembrance Day and wonder if we ever lose this innate way of interacting. There doesn’t seem much difference to the stories of war that have been so prominent lately…stories of people at their best and at their worst as they fight to the death over rules and territory.

It’s time for me to leave the bench. I stand up, hoping that these children will finish their game with good memories of their imaginary world, parting as friends, not enemies.


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