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Our World Waits...

caring life lessons listening Oct 22, 2016

A conversation with my grandchildren (aged 10 and 11) this morning alerted me to the reach of the upcoming US elections. I wondered why they were glum, and asked if these elections were worrying them. “Yes!” They were both worried.

They are mature for their ages; home schooled and working in their family business, they mingle with adults far more than do children who attend school. This means that they are immersed in the ups and downs of the world affairs alongside their parents.

I listened to them explaining why they were worried.

“If Trump loses, he will take a lot of people down with him.”

“If Hillary wins, I don’t think she will be able to stop Trump from causing trouble.”

“And what about the children fleeing Syria? If Trump wins what will happen to them?”

What insights from these bright young minds.

I reflected on my week; how everyone I had spoken with seemed subdued, worried. Now I understood.

We are all waiting…

We should ALWAYS listen to our young ones!


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