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Space Race - Is the Finish Line Kindness or Armageddon?

beyond war caring gratitude kindness natural world Nov 02, 2006

While watching a TV show on the “Space Race,” I pondered on the experiences of the astronauts who left our earth for a time. Although the Russians and Americans were deeply competitive about getting the first man on the moon, every astronaut was focussed on doing the best they could in a very alien environment.

It was a Russian who first saw the earth rise over the moon’s horizon. He and his fellow space travellers were in awe. The race ceased to matter. What mattered instead was to appreciate this precious planet that is our home.

Later, one of the American astronauts captured the legendary image of the earth suspended in the blackness in space that we have come to know so well:

Spaceship Earth...

Our home...

Will we mend our ways and learn to treat our home with kindness?

Or will we make it our Armageddon?

If we humans could only learn to give more than we take as a way of life, to each other and to our planet, then all life on earth will flourish for the long-term, including ours!


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