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The Future Belongs to Those Who Show Up: the 5th Seed of Hope

adaptable co-creation courage growing strong hope kindness making a difference resilience seeds of hope May 19, 2017

Welcome to this Seed of Hope, created to brighten your day. Thank you so much those of you who responded to my last Seed of Hope. I was delighted to read about the inspiring things you do to make a difference.

Here is the 5th Seed which has just been “germinated” for you:

The future belongs to those who show up.

Ever since my dear friend Annimac kindly shared this piece of wisdom with me, it has reminded me to work with whoever shows up to a conversation or group or meeting. Lately the words have also been asking me a different question: “What future am I showing up for?”

The future that I work towards is centred on kindness and courage. As Prince Ea suggests here, this dream "has me." However, there is a tremendous bridge to be built and crossed between the world around us today and this far more flourishing future. Segments of this bridge are already in place, but few from our traditional leaders. Instead I’m constantly humbled by the kindness and courage of so-called “ordinary” people as they tackle the many challenges that life delivers, yet still work towards a better future for themselves, their families and everyone else with whom they interact. Look at the many groups of these people around the world who are making this happen – Rotary Club of Perth which I belong to, and so many others.

Also there is the group of special people with whom I share our Resilient Leadership™ Community. Our shared future that we show up for is centred on kindness – the heart of resilience – to support people making this change happen. During times of great change like today, the only constant we can rely on is our resilience – our ability to adapt and grow in the face of change while maintaining the values that we stand for. Although challenging, it’s the only way that the bridge will be built and crossed to our flourishing future.

Our Resilient Leadership™ Community has been created to support and connect people working towards a kinder world. If you would like to connect with us please click here to email me with “Yes” in the subject line, and I will be very happy to include you in our Community emails from June this year. Imagine how much more we can achieve if we work together!

If you would like to share what future you are showing up for, I ‘d be delighted to hear:-)

I hope that this Seed inspires you towards your purpose with kindness.


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