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The Giving of Life for the Saving of Life

caring kindness making a difference natural world peace Apr 18, 2014

I’ve been reflecting on the story of Easter today. About what makes some people so willing to give of themselves for the good of any other living beings, human and otherwise.

Where does this urge come from?

I think of my own commitment here. To my family and friends. To others, who have a harder life than I do through no fault of their own. It’s just the way that their cards have been dealt.

Like the young homeless people helped by one of the many projects that my Rotary club is responsible for. If I’m honest to myself I care about these youngsters for whom every day is a struggle. Because I care, I give my time and money and skills and connections to help them find good and positive paths in life. Often they come back to help others like them, once they have achieved this. My reward is their achievement.

Like the plight of the magnificent black cockatoos who are native to my part of the world. Through mismanagement and misplaced priorities their habitat is further destroyed every day. More and more ever-smaller black cockatoo families arrive in our tree-filled garden to feed and rest. My heart goes to them as they struggle to live and bring up their families in spite of the decimation of their homes. So every time I hear their haunting calls as they land in our trees I give thanks that I can help them.

"There but for the grace of God go I."

I suppose this urge to give where I can is grounded in the lives of others; grounded in a far wider sphere than my own small life. And in this sphere the giving of something of my life can help many other lives.

Wishing you the peace of giving this Easter.



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