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The Leader as Inspiring Coach: Applied Appreciative Inquiry and the 1st Key of Kindness

keys of kindness kindness letting go making choices resilience responsibility Aug 14, 2006

Last Friday I delivered the last of three sessions for this course at the University of Western Australia Extension.

Although it’s the first time this course has been delivered, there were ten participants from a range of organisations. The Appreciative Coaching Approach was new to some, yet they all embraced it and in so doing expanded their skill set as leaders.

Integral to the course was the understanding that we alone are responsible for our actions – the core of the kindness that is social responsibility.

This course had been a long time in the making, so it was rewarding to have it so enthusiastically accepted by the people who took part. To respectfully inspire leaders to let go previous learnings of leadership and inspire is not an easy road, but I left that last session knowing that I would run this course again. And I was grateful for the improvements that each participant had kindly suggested.

Although I wasn't to know yet, this course became the 1st Key of Kindness in the Resilient Leadership Community's first core reference book, "Resilient Leadership PRIMER: the 7 Keys of Kindness."

From small beginnings, wonderful things can grow🥰


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