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The Ring of Power - Ultimately It's Only Kindness that Matters

beyond war caring kindness purpose Sep 25, 2006

I wonder what JRR Tolkein’s vision was for his trilogy “Lord of the Rings”, and what part did the "one ring to rule them all" play in it.

Certainly when anyone was near or held this ring, it called to any need they might have for power. And those whom it held in this thrall had long ceased to see choices other than control over others.

So the creator of the ring held the ultimate power over all whom the ring controlled - the secret and ultimate controller was Sauron.

Yet even he had no concept of a world based on kindness, on honest dealings with others. In that was the seed of his undoing. He simply had no idea that anyone could see beyond ultimate power, ultimate control.

And that gave Frodo and Sam the chance they sought to achieve their purpose. They saved their world with kindness, begininng with caring about to each other.

A powerful message indeed.


Photo by Kevin Delvecchio on Unsplash.

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