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The Trump We Had to Have

being human hope kindness love making choices Nov 19, 2016

Looking back over the past 10 days since Donald Trump won the US elections, the topic has rarely been out of reach. As usual after such a significant event in our human story, many people are jumping in to analyse what happened and what it means for the future. I’ve been listening, and beneath the fuss and upset I have heard this…

Trump personifies humans at our most threatened, most aggressive, and most isolationist selves. And we all have this in us; every one of us. However, most of us choose not to allow this side of ourselves to rule our lives. Most of us prefer to listen to our most open, most kind, most generous selves. It’s my life-long mission to do whatever I can to support the discovery of these selves within us and the conscious choices of which parts of ourselves we listen to. So I’m very happy to hear this loving side of being human tentatively emerge amongst my family and friends.

Despite the strident calls of doom and gloom of the past 10 days, I am conscious of this polar split in who we can be as humans becoming crystal clear. Today, as I finally understand what the gift of Trump is, I see all the openness, the kindness and the generosity of my fellow humans rising to the fore. It shines as a beacon of light and hope against the dark background of doom and gloom of the post-election panic.

Bill Moyers, an American journalist, shares his thoughts about this shift here.

This is a good day. Please enjoy along with this lovely image of a much loved rose grown by a dear friend.


[Photo courtesy of Carla Van Raay]

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