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There's Always a Choice

being my best self kindness making choices natural world Sep 24, 2006

Last night my husband Rob and I watched the Fremantle Dockers play the Sydney Swans in the Aussie Rules semi finals. Although the game was played on the Swans’ home ground and they are a stronger team than the Dockers, “our” team played galantly (even the Sydney commentators said so) until the end of the third quarter. They gave it all of their very best!

I don’t know what happened after that with the Dockers, but they didn’t score many more points and lost the game. It was hard to watch…

Afterwards we needed something beautiful to cheer ourselves up, so pulled out the “Sacred Planet” DVD, a visual symphony of all that is beautiful about our earth. But it’s different to other shows we've watched in that it includes humans in the landscape. The message is that our relationship with the earth can indeed be just as beautiful and sustainable as any other relationship on the planet, when it’s based on kindness towards ourselves, towards each other, towards all the living creatures of the natural world and towards the earth itself.

At the close, Robert Redford’s voice encourages us: “The most sacred thing we ever have is choice, and that’s where it all begins.”

Yes, there’s always a choice, always. Sad that the Dockers forgot that…


[Photo by Rob Campbell.]

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