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There's Killing...and there's Killing

caring gratitude life lessons natural world Jun 27, 2018

Yesterday was one of the magical synchronicities of life that, the day after reading this most thoughtful writing, I was blessed to have an owl perch on my hand. A beautiful white-faced barn owl, named Ivy, and a superb predator. As I watched her watching me, I sensed her finely drawn energy. There was no evil here. When she’s hungry and she sees a mouse scurrying in the bushes below, she swoops down, catches it, kills it and eats it. Without malice. Without any of the evil that we humans lay onto the act of taking another’s life, for food or any other reason.

I remembered the reading that I’d enjoyed the day before, and realised the folly of distancing myself from killing my own meat. I also realised that, if I had to kill my own meat, I would become a vegetarian — at least temporarily! There is killing…and killing.

I thanked the owl for her valuable lesson, and held out my hand so that she could step back safely onto her keeper’s waiting hand.


[Photo by Rob Campbell.]

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