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We Are Our Stories: Our Stories Are Us

humility listening resilience Dec 12, 2017

Reading this amazingly succinct story, it’s sheer crystal brevity holds the essence of a life story. Very grateful to Ernio for creating this special space.

I was struck with the thought that life could shine forth once the layers have been peeled away. I’ve been trying to do the same thing for myself and others with one of the books I’m currently writing: Resilient Leadership Guidebook: Exploring Your Personal Leadership Journey. It’s essence has remained determinedly out of reach. Until today. After reading this story that Ernio has shared, I realise that this book is its own story. In seeking to provide a framework for people to craft with their own stories of resilience through life, then step back and consider them, the book is wanting its readers to explore the thought:

We Are Our Stories: Our Stories Are Us.

Yay! I can finish it now. Or rather, I can let it finish itself. My job is to have the humility to listen to it speak up, then write the words that emerge.😍


[Photo of Coburg Peninsula taken by Nicky Reynolds.]

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