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What happens when our country's leaders are out of touch with people?

beyond war co-creation hope leadership listening resilience Jul 04, 2016

We saw in Britain last week, and in Australia this week, that the voting public has largely moved on from the old, combative two-party government systems. In my work and personal life I enjoy far more co-creation than used to be the norm. I am sad today that the leaders in both countries – indeed in many countries around the world – are clinging to such a combative, outdated way of living and working.

However, there is always hope. I enjoy walking ALONGSIDE others. This is the heart of the resilience as my co-creators and I expand our shared endeavour – Resilient Leadership. We ALL lead, together. To achieve this we follow a maxim that I first heard many years ago – "use TWO ears and ONE mouth!"

Have a lovely, listening day😊


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