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What is the "New Leadership" that is Emerging?

being my best self beyond war kindness leadership Oct 18, 2010

Leading for the good of us all.

When I first experienced the “vision” of this new leadership, in the spring of 1999, it seemed a heresy. At that time the lauded leaders were grounded in “command and control”. However I had come to the devastating end of my “trial” of this style of leadership, and to say that it had not worked was an understatement of the grandest scale. In the midst of the chaos that followed, as I wondered what to do next, this vision emerged of “Good Leadership”.

This week, while participating in a meeting of the board of a small business advisory group, it occurred to me that now is the time for this leadership to emerge. There is widening gap between successful and not-so-successful organisations. The gap is around their leadership. Where this “good” leadership is thriving as we as a world realise that the Global Financial Crisis is far from over – indeed I wonder if some of the changes that it has left in it’s wake will become permanent – a new model of “good” leadership is emerging.

I sense that simply being in the question “What is this new leadership that’s emerging?” will give us the answers. In the meantime I am humbled to realise that this journey forward, just being in this question, is exactly the space that all my work was created to fill!


[Photo by Dineslav Roydev on Unsplash.]

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