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What We Observe, We Can Also Destroy

hope love natural world Jul 28, 2014

Philip Hoare has some thoughts to share on our impact on this planet where we live...

His article is here.

There is a fine line between enjoying the natural world in which we live, and destroying it for all generations to come. Philip urges us to be mindful of this line. This is not an easy call.

For example, at the nearby park where we often walk, there is an osprey nest at the top of a large pine tree. It’s been there for years. Every year the osprey pair returns in autumn to repair their nest and mate, ready to hatch out one or more eggs and raise their chicks in spring.

We love to stand and watch them, and naturally people stop and look where we are looking, noticing the nest for the first time. After reading Philip’s article, I wonder if bringing attention to this wonder of our local world might bring harm for them in its wake…

I hope that everyone to whom we show this precious gift accepts and respects it with the love that it is given. 


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