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Wisdom in the Bush

being alone life lessons natural world responsibility Nov 12, 2010

“We can always learn new ways to be more responsible!”

This morning I walked in Bold Park, enjoying the early morning sunshine and busy-ness of the birds. As I walked up one of the hills, an elderly lady (yes, she was older than my almost-60 years!) was taking photos with a very large-lensed camera. I spoke to her as I walked past: “You must be able to take good photos with that camera.”

She responded, starting a short but very enlightening conversation. I learned that having gutters on my house is a great way to collect rain water. She could not understand why the people who lived around her built huge houses with no gutters.

“Their water bills are much, much bigger than mine. But worst of all they waste all that water that falls on their roofs!” she exclaimed.

Then we parted, her to find more birds to photograph amongst the bushes and trees, me to finish my walk in the leafy shade, then get on with my working day.

And as I walked, I saw the wisdom in her words. We have all that we need, all around us. We just have to think about what we do and how we do it to be more responsible during our allotted time on earth.

It’s very simple really…

When I reached home, I pulled out the pamphlet about government-sponsored water-saving systems that I had been meaning to complete for some time. With water restrictions already in place and it was still spring, it was time to get this set up!


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