Learn how to let go.
Explore how to set yourself free

Discover how to unlock your own wisdom, kindly.

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If you are looking for guidance
to navigate
these uncertain times,

Learn, explore, and discover how
to unlock your own wisdom 
by holding on to kindness.

Learn how to let go


Click here today for your FREE "Unlock Your Own Wisdom" Taster course, with Wendy our Kindness Queen & Sally our Co-Creator

Explore how to set yourself free


Click here today for your FREE "Unlock Your Own Wisdom Taster" course, with Wendy our Kindness Queen & Sally our Co-Creator

Discover how to unlock your own wisdom


Click here today for your FREE "Unlock Your Own Wisdom Taster" course, with Wendy our Kindness Queen & Sally our Co-Creator

Meet Wendy, our Kindness Queen:

Once upon a time, I didn't believe that I could let go.
Setting myself free was not an option. 
Unlocking my own wisdom, what right did I have, really? And doing this kindly, no way. 

Now, I've finally let go. With the help of my mentors, the 7 Keys of Kindness held me safe to learn, explore and discover my own wisdom, every step of the way. Even when I couldn't believe in it. 

Today, I've set myself free to listen to my own wisdom, kindly.

Do you feel like you can't let go? Is setting yourself free not an option? Is unlocking your own wisdom, especially kindly, not your right?

I've walked the path you want to walk. Would you like me to walk alongside you for a while? You, too, can let go and set yourself free on your 7 Keys of Kindness journey to unlock your own wisdom, kindly.

Ask me for your FREE Discovery Conversation with me today. Here is my email. 

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Michael after learning to let go his struggle, kindly, while reading Wendy's book "On Aspiring: Journey Beyond Courage"

"A compelling true story, of sheer guts, determination, courage and trust. Wendy takes you on an exciting adventure where stepping outside your comfort zone is merely the first step!
As you walk with Wendy, you learn of her daily challenges and how to conquer them. You’ll be left wondering what challenge lies around the next corner.
A truly inspirational journey and a testament to what we are all capable of, once we put our minds to it.
It’s one of those books that’s hard to put down."

Iain after exploring his problem, kindly, in conversation with Wendy and some of her fellow mentors in the Resilient Leadership Community:

"Our conversation was very helpful to me.  You helped me see that what I needed was to find a path that addressed real concerns about our ...'s performance, while honouring compassion, kindness, and my personal values.  After our talk, I knew roughly what I was searching for.  I spent quite some time in more searching, and frankly feeling a bit lost, but the answer(s) came.  I was guided in no small part by the commitment to kindness that your group reinforced for me.  I was content to sit with the lost feeling for a while, trusting."

Tanya after exploring setting herself free, kindly, from Wendy's 10th Seed of Hope:

"Another glorious Seed Wendy. Thank you very much. Amongst the constant bombardment of emails in the inbox, your Seeds are like a hand written letter in the post. I always greatly anticipate reading them and take quiet time to read and digest them fully. "

Digby after discovering his own wisdom, kindly, during mentoring with Wendy:

"Thank you for seeing my potential, for challenging me to step up and for supporting me as I did so all of those years ago. My life trajectory took a very positive turn as you helped me climb out of a pit of self-doubt and claim my voice as a leader. You are wonderful :-)"

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Michael after discovering his own wisdom, kindly,  during mentoring with Wendy:

"I often think of our early conversations we had back in the days of the ... club. Your vision gave me clarity that I am forever grateful for. Thank you.

You are a catalyst for opening up the channels that unlocks the potential that lies within; where I find my own wisdom."

Are you looking for a way to let go, set yourself free and unlock your own wisdom, kindly?